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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

All I can say is (*clears throat*) "THIS IS FLIPPING AWESOME!"

Now let's make this clear..shout out to my girl Lucia! For hitting me up about this video because I honestly had no clue this was out already and also I want to thank the big man or woman upstairs for blessing me because I honestly thought my computer was going to shut down on me!

Enough with the holy computer talk, as I click the play button on YouTube all I could think was "please let this be good or at least catch my attention, if not I'm going to make sure Lucia and the rest of the staff at Moviepilot owe me a cheeseburger!" I'm just really hungry while I type this article but I need to stop getting side tracked!

Once the video begins you hear a lovely sympathy from the beautiful piano and oh what's that? A chef cooking a yummy cuisine perhaps? Oh my lord! Whaaaa-what the hell is that?! It's a human leg! "Honey, did we order a human leg with our beef wellington, no?! Yeah,that's what I thought too."

Pretty much the promo teaser says it all about the character - quiet, calm, cool, smooth and of course, DEADLY.

You want to check out the promo teaser? Then go for it! Video below -


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