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It's been a while since I watched anything worthy of a single printed word because sometime between today and the day I was born twenty-seven years ago, film and television have both managed to die and become ghostly re-iterations of their former selves thanks to the evil manipulations of CGI, the novelty of 3D, and the general cultural stagnation with which we have insisted upon surrounding ourselves in the 21st century. All in the name of progress. Horrible books become horrible films and somehow manage to touch the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Take for instance that scene in the movie Wolverine where he encounters a bear. Anyone that's watched Natural Geographic can tell you a bear looks nothing like that. In fact the whole scene was superfluous. I find it hard to believe there was no realistic alternative to it.

Instead of increasing the quality of the final product, technology has made filmmakers lazier than ever before. Goofing off in front of a green screen is what it's all degenerated into- X men, Green Lantern, Spiderman, The Twilight Saga, Daredevil, and countless other horrors come to mind.

So when I sat down on the sofa after having had dinner at my vegan friend's apartment, the last thing I expected was to see a man stick his head between the open jaws of a live alligator. "We call this trick the face off," jokes the announcer, "because if Jimmy messes up, his face will come off." The crowd laughs nervously as Jimmy finishes his routine, and everybody breathes a sigh of relief. I couldn't believe it, there really are people crazy enough to do this, and now they're on TV!

Broadcast by Animal Planet, Gatorboys is a reality show about a group of American volunteers who go on calls for nuisance alligators, which they catch by getting in the water and tightening a noose over the heads of the unsuspecting reptiles.

Once that is successful, the alligator is pulled to dry land through the use of a rope attached to the noose, and one of the crew begins the dangerous dance with the gator to tire it out and tape its mouth shut. The alligator is then taken back to a park maintained by the volunteers and either kept there, transferred to another location, or released back into the wild.

The series has some lame moments in between catches, but also some funny ones to help balance it out. If you have been numbed by television and want to cringe in actual horror, give this show a try because like they say on Gatorboys , "If you play with alligators, you're gonna get bit, (*sic) it's just a matter of time."


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