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Its been a long time since the Merc with The Mouth has been portrayed in live action, and I gotta say, I really did get my hopes up Fox announced a spin-off movie. Hoping they would abandon the X-Men look, the movie was sure to be a box office blunder. Here are my top five actors to play deadpool:

5) Bradley Cooper

Before you guys start slandering me in the comment section, look back at his performance in The Hangover Trilogy. His performance was worthy of a million Oscars, him also starring in the Guardians Of the Galaxy film next year, it would give him a boost in the Marvel universe. I think he would be a great deadpool actor.

4) Wentworth Miller

I loved the TV show prison break, really should've been a 5th Season. But with his performance in the 2nd and 4th season as an Secret Agent like demeanor, he would be a good fit to play deadpool.

3) Brad Pitt

His performance as the sword-wielding fearless warrior in Troy, sold me. His experience with Swordplay and war soldier like character, he would be perfect.

2) Channing Tatum

With his acting in Magic Mike, it proves he has the agility and athleticism to play Deadpool.

1) Ray Starks

Him having the experience as the slicin' dicin' Snake eyes sold it for me.

Who do you think should portray him? Sound off below.


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