ByChris Fields, writer at
Chris Fields

They hyped it up as a tie in to the MCU when the biggest "tie in" has been a janitor sweeping up in London after the events of Thor: The Dark World. They may have flat out said that there were no superheros in AoS but they knew that all the fan boys (myself included at first) would tune in hoping for a glimpse of Hulk, or a cameo by Stark but no we get none of that. Instead we get an unbelievable story about a cookie cutter agent that "you call in you need a nuclear bomb disarmed" and a "hacker" that I don't believe could work an iphone. Then you get Frick and Frak science geeks that cause more problems than they solve. The only redeeming quality of the show is the Coulson character, and you can tell that Greg Clark is doing the best he can to carry the show. But at some point you have to admit that it's sloppy at best. Their hands are tied by not being able to do anything that could contradict the current or future films from MCU. And now that the ratings are dropping, Marvel is throwing everything but Thor's hammer at it trying to save the show. Now they are hyping an appearance from Sif that I'm sure will be nothing but a 2 second cameo or worse yet a shot of her on a monitor from the first Thor film. My point is you can't just keep name dropping The Avengers and claim it's a tie in. You actually need to TIE IN to the films or you are just stuck. I gave the show 4 weeks before I couldn't take it anymore.


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