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It's also been a long time since Daredevil has been portrayed on Live action and I'm itching for a better portrayal than Ben Affleck's fluke. Especially since I just recently read the comic issue: DareDevil and Batman: Kings Of New York.

3) Mark Wahlberg

Alright, he doesn't have the height for it (measuring in at 5'8) but he makes up for it with his BADASS personality. Watching the trailer for the new movie Lone Survivor, and also watching movies such as The Other Guys, Four Brothers, Pain and Gain, Max Panye, Contraband, and Shooter swung my vote for him. I also think he'll make a GREAT Punisher.

2) Vin Diesel

He already has experience in superhero films such as The Chronicles Of Riddick, The Chronicles Of Riddick: Dark Fury, Riddick, and pending with Guardians Of The Galaxy. Standing in at 6'0 even and weighing in at 216 pounds, he will be a bulky, muscular portrayal of DareDevil but he'll make it work. Also, his trademark deep voice will help display the fearless, almost demonic persona of Daredevil.

1) Ben Affleck

Hold the negative comments and reviews. In my opinion, the 2003 Daredevil was a total Fluke (Ironic, I just slandered it at the top) but it wasn't Ben's fault, I feel the producers and directors were at fault. Weighing in at 195 AND counting, and standing at 6'4 he is the PERFECT height and weight for DareDevil.

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