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Reschedule your calendars for May 6 2016!

That's right folks, Warner Bros. have just announced a 10 month push back for the colossal Man of Steel sequel to 2016 to allow "the filmmakers time to realize fully their vision , given the complex visual nature of the story."

Although this sucks, it is also a brilliant moved made by Warner Brothers because let's face it, we don't want them to screw this one up. As well as this, it confirms the back to back rumor of the Justice League movie that is set to release 2017 due to the cliffhanger that Batman vs. Superman will produce. So it makes sense that they did this.

As of the story, my guess is that Batman vs. Superman will be the film when the Justice League members start emerging with Supes and Batsy joining together to fight Lex Luthor and Co. With that, Justice League will conclude the trilogy with all of the members coming together to form the legendary group.

Another important piece of information is that the new release date is also the same release date as one of Marvel's Phase 3 films. The film is unknown at this time but it could be anything from Black Panther to The Wolverine.

So what do you guys think? Is this a smart move made by Warner Bros.? Whatever your thoughts are on anything, comment below!


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