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How does one find a way past superhero post burnout? For me it's...Romance. I know it is still about a month until Valentine's Day, but I am doing this list now anyway. This is my list of most well-known Marvel and DC Superhero Couples along with a little background on their relationships and current state of Marriage according to Marvel and DC's respective Wiki's. I have 7 Marvel and 3 DC Couples on the list and they are in order of how well I know their relationship. Let's Begin:

1. Clark Kent (Superman)/ Lois Lane - Clark and Lois met when he made his first appearance in Metropolis as Superman at 25 years old. She actually gave Clark that nickname in her first by-line story on his heroics. After several years of working together they started dating and were eventually married after he came back from being killed by Doomsday. They are currently Married.

2. Peter Parker (Spiderman)/ Mary Jane Watson - Peter and Mary met during High School while he was living next door to her. They were friends for years and eventually starting dating after his Girlfriend at the time, Gwen Stacy, was accidentally killed by peter as he tried to save her after she was dropped from a bridge by his foe, the Green Goblin. Peter and Mary Jane got Married during or shortly after College and stayed Married until Peter's Aunt May almost died. Mary Jane made a deal with the Marvel Universe's version of the devil, Mephisto, to erase all knowledge of their Marriage from everyone's memory (but her own) in exchange for sparing Peter's Aunt May's Life. Their marriage currently never happened, except for MJ.

3. T'Challa (Black Panther)/ Ororo Munroe (Storm) - Ororo met T'Challa in Egypt when her powers were first developing and she saved him from some would-be kidnappers. Years later, during the "M-Day" storyline, She lost her powers and went back to Africa to see him. They dated and got Married before too long, making her the Queen of Wakanda since he is the King. Their Marriage was eventually annulled during the Avengers vs X-Men Storyline. They are currently Divorced.

4. Robert Bruce Banner (The Hulk)/ Betty Ross (Red She-Hulk) - Bruce and Betty first met when he was working for her father, General Ross. They fell in love before Bruce became the Hulk and continued to have an on again/off again relationship for years, eventually getting married. After Betty supposedly died and came back as the Red She-Hulk, she realized that they could never have a "Normal Life". Even worse, she couldn't decide if she feel in love with the Man (Bruce) or the Monster (Hulk), so she left him in disgust to try and sort out her feelings. They are currently estranged.

5. Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)/ Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) - Sue first met Reed while he was a boarder at her Aunt's Boarding House during College. Years later, they met again and started dating while he was working on an experimental Spacecraft. They both went on the test flight that gave them their powers and continued dating for years before eventually getting married. They are currently married with two children.

6. Barry Allen (Flash)/ Iris West - Iris was born in the 30th Century and sent back in time to the 20th Century as an Infant. She met Barry as an Adult while he was working at the Central City Police Department as a CSI and they only dated briefly before getting married. Iris was pregnant with twins and gave birth just before Barry Died during the Crisis on Infinite Earth Storyline. She never re-married and Barry eventually came back to life. They are currently married.

7. Arthur Curry (Aquaman)/ Mera - Arthur is half human/ half merman, and the King of Atlantis. He met Mera as an adult and they eventually married, making her Queen. They had a son who became King after Arthur died, but he was killed by their foe, Black Manta. Arthur was resurrected during the blackest night storyline and is again King of Atlantis. They are currently married.

8. Hank Pym (Antman)/ Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) - Janet met Hank when he revealed his secret identity to her after her father was murdered. Hank let her use his formula to become the Wasp so that she could help him find and capture her father's killer. They were married after many years of dating. However, She eventually had to get a divorce after his years of verbal abuse became physical. They are currently divorced.

9. Wanda Maximoff (Scarlett Witch)/ Vision - Wanda is a human mutant who fell in love with the android, Vision, who actually feels emotions thanks to being "born" with the brain patterns of Wonderman (Simon Williams). Vision and Wanda eventually got married, staying married for many years. Rogue Government Agents "killed" Vision just before the "House of M" storyline, at the end of which Wanda brought him back to life. However, he no longer had Simon Williams brain patterns and didn't feel the same way about her that he had before. hey are currently divorced.

10. Scott Summers (Cyclops)/ Jean Grey (Phoenix) - Scott and Jean were both founding members of the X-Men and were schoolmates and co-workers for years before they started dating. They eventually got married and stayed in a rocky marriage until Jean committed suicide in order to save the world from her Phoenix Side. Scott is currently a widower.

There you have them folks, 10 of the most well known comic couples. Did I leave anyone out? Do you know something about any of the relationships I missed? as always leave your comments below, follow me on [email protected] or like/friend me on facebook at the entertainment writer, phoenixrising photos, or james seigars.


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