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Because looking for the negatives to bark about shortens your lifespan.

As with the recent news of Zack Snyder's Untitled Superman/Batman film being moved from July 17th, 2015 to May 6th, 2016 struck a sense of sadness and let down with fans (including myself). Our hopes were so set on being in the theaters on July 17th, 2015 to witness history but we'll have to wait 10 extra months after that release date (sounds better than approx. 840 days until the May 6th release)

As the people that we're hating on for this movie stating it was a dumb idea to have these two be in the movie in the first place (which makes no damn sense to be honest) and those who hate the Batfleck casting and the Gadot casting and how can we forget the ones who called Man of Steel "the worst comic-book film of the year" (you know who you are).

These next few reasons are why the delay of Superman/Batman means good for DC, and why jumping the gun to hate on a movie we have no clue about is just a sad reach for attention and to make yourself look like one of those "tell it how it is" type of people.

It ensures for a more legendary movie:

Those who say this movie is rushed and is going to be a train wreck have 2 1/2 years to keep talking, but it'll make no sense. The delay meant they obviously had conflicts when it came to the production side of things so pushing it back an extra 10 months means it's getting the proper treatment and the respect it deserves. Not that it wasn't getting it before it just instills the fact that Snyder and Co. are letting it marinate, resulting in a much more epic first meeting between the Last Son of Krypton and The Caped Crusader.

It takes a Batman Begins to get to a Dark Knight:

Batman Begins starts off as a great way to reboot the Batman franchise after it was destroyed by Batman & Robin. Nobody thought the sequel was going to be as epic as it was and guess what the time difference in movies were? 3 YEARS! Same as the time from Man of Steel to the Superman/Batman movie. Yeah Nolan worked on the Prestige in 2006 in between films but look at it this way: Zack Snyder isn't directing any films in between MOS and Supes/Bats therefore putting all of his attention on the sequel and whenever your focus is all in 100% on something, chances are it's going to be great. There's a life lesson for you.

Spider Man 1 to Spider Man 2 = 3 years. Which was the better movie? Spider-Man 2.

Shrek (2001) to Shrek 2 (2004). Shrek 2 is the better movie and it took 3 years in between each films

Star Wars (1977) to Star Wars: TESB (1980). Not an avid SW watcher but my die-hard buddies have told me it's better than the original and I know they're not the only ones saying that.

X-Men (2000) to X2 (2003): X2 is considered as the best X-Men movie and again it's a 3 year difference

And there's much more cases in which the sequels were better than the originals with a 3 year difference in between movies.

If that hasn't eased your minds and cooled down the hatred you may have for this movie and its development process, then read it again!


Take the time to establish your DC universe and if it takes 3 years...then it takes 3 YEARS! I am BUMMED it doesn't come out next year. Lay out the blueprint for your CU.

They already have a great starting point with Man of Steel and have multi-talented Ben Affleck to play Batman and to possibly direct upcoming DC flicks and to give production tips. Gal Gadot is a unique choice for Wonder Woman and this ll only give her more time to put on the necessary muscle and combat training to be 110% ready for the role.

Bottom line, the extra time means that we're getting a much more thought out plan and process for this DCCU and not something to be all "DC IS TRASH!! MARVEL 4 LYFEEEEE" Let's have Marvel have their fun now...until May 6th, 2016 that it.


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