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I'll be the first to admit that I didn't follow Guardians of the Galaxy very closely growing up. However, I have found some interesting facts out since Vin Diesel and Zoe Saldana were cast in the roles of Groot and Gamora respectively. One of those facts that I find worth writing about is that allegedly all Groot says is "I am Groot", which is false.

As I stated above, I had to research the Guardians of the Galaxy in order to learn about them, and in doing so I came across numerous articles putting down Vin Diesel's acting ability or saying that his "Wooden" acting is perfectly cast, etc. Most people think that it is just an easy payday for him, since they think he will only have to say "I am Groot" about 10 different ways and go home. While I am not involved in the movie and don't personally know Vin Diesel, I still felt compelled to check for myself to see if this was true. I think the reason the put-downs and attacks on his character & acting ability or lack thereof bothers me so much is because of his connection to the late Paul Walker.

I discovered that as far back as Tales to Astonish #13 in 1960 Groot spoke very well and said much more then his trademark three-word statement, "I am Groot", as shown in the picture above and in this articles Main Photo taken directly from the Marvel Wiki page itself. If those aren't enough to convince you of his vocabulary then here is one more taken from comic

So, lets give the man a break. Wait until at least a trailer comes out or they officially state that he'll just say those three words before putting down his Character, Acting ability, reason for taking the job, etc. Thanks in advance. What do you think, is Vin Diesel only going to say three words or will he say more? As always, comment below and follow me on [email protected] if you wish.

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