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Marc (Israel Broussard) is the coy and introverted rebel among The Bling Ring kids. While it’s not explicitly stated in the movie by Sophia Coppola if he is gay or not, the blatant messages he exudes through his fashion sense subtly reinforces the ambiguity.

The pink Christian Louboutin high heels that he steals and wears later, lonely on his bed, create the impression that he is not yet sure about his body.

However, Marc’s black Alexander McQueen scarf with the white razor blades on it communicates a more subtle message.

THe Bling Ring DVD Screencap, Copyrights by A24
THe Bling Ring DVD Screencap, Copyrights by A24

While the scarf from the women collection symbolizes his softer side, the sharp blades on the shawl protect his weak inner self symbolically.

The scarf is from the rebellious but weak British Punk fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

The biographical fact, that the designer was gay and commited suicide in 2010 due to his lack of self-confidence, gives the symbolic fashion item another twist and is maybe a subtle hint to Marc’s insecure character.

But as I don’t know for sure if Sophia Coppola and her fashion designer Stacey Battet had all this in mind when chosing his scarf, I think it fits great to Marc’s ambivalent character.

What do you think?

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