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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

Sweet baby Yeezus save me!

I love horror movies, especially sci-fi/horror films! There's nothing worse than being stuck in outer space alone and being chased by mutants or aliens!

These are movies that have the potential to make big $! But directors and writers need to start treating movies like art again because some of these movies are looking like trash! One of my biggest complaints is overused CGI, I can't stand it in these type of movies. If they ever make a Dead Space movie then please-please use costumes and robotic puppets (like Alien 1979) !

Lets get back to old school style of making movies where you had people in costumes and awesome moving robots not CGI 24/7.

If you want the perfect idea of a great sci-fi horror movie then it's a video game to film adaptation of Dead Space! If the movie ever happens I guarantee with the right casting, writers, director and a team that's truly passionate about the game, this movie could be a box office hit!

Lets bring back GOOD horror films to the theaters!


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