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rickey russell

A teaser poster has been released for fan made film “Halloween: The Curse Of Thorn”. The film is being produced by INDIE Cinderfella and directed by Kenneth M. Bleakley. “The Curse Of Thorn” takes place shortly after the night he came back to Haddonfield, Michael Myers continues his terror in the nearby town of Russellville, where he is brought by a mysterious man in black to continue killing his family.

With the help of an obsessed reporter, Cindy, Michael’s cousin, Nathan, must protect his family as the terror of Michael Myers and the Cult of Thorn take over Russellville. Taking place between Halloween II (1981) and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988), this fan film will bring back The Shape, good scares and will connect the entire franchise in this completely fan-funded feature.


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