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Sylvester Stallone might seem like a real-life Superman - what with his over-sized guns, black hair and love of punching bad guys in the face - but it turns out the action-movie legend once tried to emulate the Man of Steel — with hilarious results.

The Rocky star was taking part in a press junket for his latest movie, Grudge Match, when he was asked for his thoughts on Batman vs Superman, and retold this strange tale.

I got a little carried away with Superman once, when I was about eight years old. I dyed a blue shirt, took a crayon, wrote an ‘S’ on it, took a barber’s cape, cut it into points, tied it around my neck and put it under my clothes. And I sat next to a guy named Jimmy Cole, and I go ‘Jimmy, don’t say anything to anybody but–’” he mimed opening his shirt “‘–that’s who I really am.’ Of course, he calls the teacher and I have to take my clothes off in front of the class. I’m standing here with these rickety, stupid legs, pencil-thin arms, a barber’s cape with an ‘S’ on it that’s backwards, blue tights and…so, I just flew away. So I have to go with Superman, even though Batman is the better costume.

It's hard to imagine Sly as a wimpy kid with skinny arms. Perhaps it was this public shaming that inspired him to be the buff action hero we've all come to love.

'Picked-on kid to all-conquering bastion of masculinity.' Sounds a bit like the origin story of a superhero.

If you have a spare couple of minutes, you can check out the rest of the interview after jump. It features a rambling answer from Robert De Niro, who talks about Frankenstein and something about Abbott and Costello. It's weird.

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