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This is my list of 50 superheroes movies (in order of time from Superman 1 to Thor: The Dark World) by Marvel, DC and two by Dark Horse Comics (there will not gonna be spin-off movies like Elektra, Catwoman or Supergirl). It will be divided in 5 parts from worst to best. Also if some movies have the same rating, there's a reason for the way in which they have been ordered. As I already stated this is a personal and subjective list, so if you don't agree with my opinion and want to state about it in the comments, just be polite! ;)

OK, let's get started!

50. Batman & Robin

I don't think an explanation is needed for this's just the worst of the worst, the worst you can think between superheroes movies, the "Franchise-killer". Sparkling batsuits, bad cheesy jokes, awful characters characterization, impossible situations and completelly screwed adaptation of most (what am I saying...ALL) of the comic-book characters, ... Let's just stop here, shall we?

Overall rating: 2,25/10

49. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

This movie was BAD! so bad! Damn...the only thing that was actually slightly good was Reeve's performance (which was also way worst that in the first installments), all the rest was pure crap. Even the special effects were bad even for the time it was released, it was like a child was playing with toys, they filmed it and put some fake background behind!

Overall rating: 2,5/10

48. Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

I didn't thought that the second Ghost Rider movie could have been worst than the first...I've never been SO wrong! This movie has nothing cool, not the story, not the characters development (if there was at all), not even the action scenes were that cool! This movie was just damn bad!

Overall rating: 3/10

47. Superman III

And here we are with another bad Superman movie! Yeah, I'm talking about Superman III. This movie is just a bit better than it's sequel and it's just because (I think you can all guess) of Reeve's performance. I actually quite liked him as bad Superman!

Overall rating: 3,5/10

46. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

A solo-Wolverine movie? Yeah, why not...and...DAMN! It was bad! The beginning of the film was actually acceptable, but they wanted to throw in so many mutants (most of them awfully done) with such little screen time that they made a huge mess! The only character I quite liked was Sabertooth, the rest was bad. And wanna talk about Deadpool?

I mean...what the hell is that thing??? Not Deadpool for sure! Oh and did I mention that Deadpool is my favorite comic-book character? Yeah, I think you can imagine how I felt while seeing this.

Overall rating: 4/10 (and that's me being generous)

45. Spider-Man 3

And here we are with another "Franchise-killer" Superhero movie! Yep, I'm talking about that crappy film known as Spider-man 3! The one that destroyed the Raimi's trilogy by adding emo-dancing Parker, stupid and useless Gwen Stacy, snowboarder Goblin, Sandman as uncle Ben's murderer, the worst Venom ever and even more crying Peter (like there wasn't enough in the first two)!

Overall rating: 4/10

44. Hulk

The 2003 Ang Lee's Hulk movie was pretty bad. To be a film of 2003 it still had decent special effects and the beginning was actually acceptable, but the whole "thing" between him and his father, the mutated dogs and the father's transformation were real bad.

Overall rating: 4,5/10

43. Ghost Rider

As you have already guessed from what I said from what I said on the sequel, I didn't liked the first film about Ghost Rider. Well I have to say, I liked the outfit and the bike of the flaming head anti-hero, but for the rest the film was forgettable and pretty much bad.

Overall rating: 4,5/10

42. X-Men: The Last Stand

OK, the way this movie uses fan-favorites characters like Juggernaut, Angel, Cyclops, Mystique, Rogue (like she wasn't bad enough in the first two!), Psylocke (yeah, she was in the film and I barely noticed her!), Phoenix (she was bad compared to the comics, don't try to deny it) was pretty much disgusting, but thanks to pretty well done characters like Beast and the return of consolidated characters like Professor X, Magneto and Wolverine, the movie was saved from becoming as bad as Origins: Wolverine.

Overall rating: 4,5/10

41. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

I don't like AT ALL Jessica Alba as the Invisible Woman, AT ALL! (I think you'll see something similar when the Fantastic Four turn will come) She just doesn't fit the role, plus she's a pretty bad actress, so she deserve a big NO to me. Moving on, I didn't liked the cloudy-like Galactus neither Doctor Doom's interpretation, instead I quite liked Silver Surfer in the film as well as the other Fantastic 4. The film was still real bad mostly thanks to the bad bromance between the various characters and a pretty week storyline.

Overall grade: 4,5/10

This is the end of the first part! Hope you liked it, and don't forget to check the other parts when they'll be released!


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