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Spider-man has long been my favorite superhero ever since I began reading comics, Ultimate Spider-man to be exact. I loved that a sophomore in high school, at the time a few years older than me, could become something bigger, and rise from the usual riff-raffish haze of hallway harassment and drooling over Mary Jane. I also loved the character depth in every supporting character we saw in the series: MJ, Harry, Gwen, May Parker, Norman Osborn, Nick Fury, etc.

When I first watched the Amazing Spider-man movie, I saw a lot of ultimate spider-man just as much as the “the best of spider-man“ arc that the “untold story” theme was coming from. Artificial web-shooters, high-school romance, Curt Connors in all his Curt Connors-ness…it was a slam dunk, right? This post is my opinions of the first Amazing Spider-man movie, and my hopes from the rest of the series and my predictions. If you like it, comment below! If you don’t like it, comment below, but be nice!

So my first thoughts on Amazing Spider-man were mostly focused on the relationship between Peter and Gwen, and the Lizard. I loved Peter's cute little thing with Gwen and how both of them were portrayed in the movie with their mutual connection to Curt Connors. Peter was spot on to me: he was potential stud material, but never made it with the popular kids because of his social awkwardness and big brain. Gwen was the pretty girl, but not out of Peter’s reach. She was realistic, and she was down-to-earth. Their internship at Ozcorp reminded me of the pilot episode of the Spectacular Spider-man animated series when they both work part-time for Dr. Connors at ESU, but get caught up in his experiments with gene splicing. Gene splicing to me was also a very realistic touch to the origin story: it could explain Spider-man, Lizard, Green Goblin, Rhino, Electro, etc… But what I didn’t like so much was the Lizard, who to me seemed like an oversized CGI Barney with a raspy-ass voice! With no ripped scrubs and MD overcoat on! What’s that all about!?!? He’s supposed to have a lab coat on!! Where was the ultimate Spider-Man lizard that looked like a screwed-up, half-minded velociraptor that had a drinking problem and a fear he would lose control and kill his son!? Why was he so cheesy to me while the police officers that got infected with that viral gas stuff were so cool with their green scaly skin and mid-transformation?! Just a thought. And why couldn’t they have introduced Norman Osborn or made Mary Jane at least a cameo in the first one so the audience wouldn’t be like “Where did this guy come from?” in the second movie and “Why haven’t we seen her around the school?” when we finally see Shailene Woodley as MJ, because I’d hope they don’t just expect Harry to just show up out of the blue as a long-lost friend in the sequel and later in the series introduce Mary Jane the same way. That would be repetitive. Are all of Peter’s friends away out of town for no reason (or Harry has a reason but we don’t know that yet)?

So now that that’s out of the way, let me make some predictions for AS2, AS3, and AS4 in brief plot summaries! Some plot holes, don’t freak out, I’m not a professional!

AS2: We all have seen the trailers and what not, but I hope I’m at least somewhat correct trying to piece this together. Peter is facing problems with crime fighting, running into the likes of the Rhino, and probably other minor criminals, who are later sent to be rounded up to undergo genetic testing to return Spider-man to his maker, the ill-stricken Norman Osborn. Spider-man learns from Harry about Norman’s obsession with him, he discovers the truth of what his father was doing with Norman, using illegal experimentation to create the next super-soldier and next step of human evolution blah blah blah, and goes to bring him down. Harry is talked-down by his sick twisted daddy that Peter is the enemy and undergoes testing himself to become the hob-goblin. Black Cat, Harry’s thieving girlfriend, joins Spider-Man after seeing what her boyfriend has become, Harry kills Gwen, Spidey retires, and Osborn has time to finish his Operation: Sinister Six.

AS3: Spider-man comes out of retirement when new Ozcorp test-tube villains attacks his school and turn over NY to kill Peter. He has new friends, Mary Jane, who has helped him in his mourning over Gwen, and her boyfriend Eddie Brock, who was directly affected by the fall of Ozcorp as a former worker there. When Peter discovers another component to the S6 operation, a symbiotic form left behind by Curt Connors and Richard Parkers, he dawns the venom suit. He loses control and he hides it away. Eddie who is jealous over the growing fondness between Mary and Peter, finds the venom suit, which bonds to him, and goes insane, ultimately joining the growing anti-spider-man club run by Norman Osborn, a now disgraced mad-man. Maybe Flash Thompson could become anti-hero venom instead of Brock, who knows?

AS4: Spider-man must dawn the venom suit again to stop the sinister six!


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