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After viewing the trailer for 'Son of Batman' it gave me the feeling that a true Batman & Robin film can be done and be done right. I'm not going to mention the movie that single-handedly killed the the legacy of the character of Batman- that's another article.

THIS article is about how I would imagine this movie under Ben Affleck's vision due to the fact that he is our next Batman. This post is complete with a full fan cast of the characters in the movie and hopefully you can sort of build a "mini motion picture" in your head as I did when I first put together these picks:

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Ben Affleck:

Our new Batman! Not much to say here other than he's going to Robert Downey Jr. the role. (That means he's going to make the role his own so well that we'd be bringing up his name every time the word 'Batman' is brought up.

Damien Wayne/Robin: Asa Butterfield:

Great young talent who has the 'Gotham' look and looks like he could be a Wayne. Also a good actor and can carry a movie in last year's Ender's Game.

Alfred Pennyworth: Jeremy Irons:

Veteran actor who's been my pick for Alfred ever since TDKR wrapped up in 2012. Really, any old English actor can do the job but Irons is my choice.

Ra's Al Ghul: Jason Isaacs:

Tried looking all over Google for an established Arabian actor to portray Ra's but I couldn't find any. Jason Isaac's gets my vote because he looks like, with x amount of hours in the makeup chair, can pull of a menacing Ra's Al Ghul.

Talia Al Ghul: Berenice Marlohe:

Was in Skyfall and she has the look of Talia down and gives off the exotic "comic-book Talia" feel. Hopefully she can give us a better farewell scene than Marion Cotillard did.

Slade Wilson/Deathstroke: Stephen Lang

Fits the role absolutely perfect. Look-wise, no other actor comes close. He's been in action and has played the villain role before (2009's Avatar)

Tim Drake/Red Robin: Logan Lerman:

S/O to @BrendanBean on one of the few fan picks that I can agree 110% with and am actually campaigning for him to get the role if Tim Drake is ever used in the next solo Bat films.

That's all for Son of Batman done "Batfleck Style". Hope you like it as much as I did writing it and hopefully my fan cast sticks out as one of the best ;)

Seriously though, let me know in the comments what you think.


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