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Christian Bale portrays a man working in a blue-collar job living a pretty simple life. His younger brother (played by Casey Affleck) tries to solve his money problems by gambling, ends up owing the wrong people (led by Woody Harrellson), and goes missing (I know that is totally the wrong use of English, but, it works :-). Anyway, big brother becomes involved in the search.

Rating: 2.5-3/5 stars

This was just ok. Not a lot of action (not that I was looking for any, but, you can't go wrong w/ action, usually), moved pretty slowly. I was disappointed that Zoe Zaldana didn't play a bigger role, and Christian Bale sounded like Batman throughout the entire movie. (Maybe its just me, but, I thought he had a different voice in previous roles)? Ah well, I wouldn't recommend this one.


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