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American Horror Story: Coven is approaching its endgame and show creator Ryan Murphy is already casting his gaze towards the fourth season of this phenomenal show.

Although Murphy doesn't want to give a whole heap of plot details away, he has revealed in which year the action takes place and the special accent that Jessica Lange is already starting to perfect:

It’s set in 1950. If you look historically what happened in the year 1950, there’s some more clues in that year. It’s a period piece. We try and do the opposite of what we’ve done before. Jessica Lange has already started practicing her German accent so I’m very excited!

So, a German living in 1950s America. We've already had the Nazi fugitive storyline in Asylum with Dr. Arthur Arden, so I doubt the writers would want to tread the same ground again. Perhaps we could be getting a take on McCarthyism in suburbia, except, you know, with loads more aliens, monsters serial killers and possessed nuns.

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(Source: EW)


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