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This is my list of 50 superhero movies (in order of time from Superman 1 to Thor: The Dark World) by Marvel, DC and two by Dark Horse Comics (there will not be spin-off movies like Elektra, Catwoman or Supergirl). It will be divided in 5 parts from worst to best. Also if some movies have the same rating, there's a reason for the way in which they have been ordered. As I already stated, this is a personal and subjective list, so if you don't agree with my opinion and want to state about it in the comments, just be polite! ;)

This is the second part of the list; here you can find the first part.

OK let's begin where we left (just a reminder: the last one of the Part 1 was Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer).

40. Blade Trinity

I have to say, I'm not a big fan of the Blade film trilogy, but still I think the first two are acceptable...well this one isn't. In this one Blade is more d-bag than ever, the screenwriter David S. Goyer decided to kill his mentor, Whistler, to give him pretty bad characterized "side-kicks"; even the villain, also if it's Dracula itself, is pretty forgettable.

Overall rating: 4,5/10

39. The Punisher

The 2004 movie about Frank Castle is pretty bad and, more important, too much different from the comic-book counterpart. It saves itself only thanks to the really good performance of Thomas Jane, who plays the titular role.

Overall rating: 4,75/10

38. Superman Returns

And finally it's the turn of Superman Returns! However speaking seriously, the film is still pretty decent: Brandon Routh is surprisingly good as the man of steel, as well as Kevin Spacey as Luthor (to me better than Gene Hackman). Lois Lane instead was pretty forgettable and the love triangle between Superman, miss Lane and her husband was real bad. The thing that I really hated is that they finally got the opportunity to show Superman's real potential on the big screen and all he did was lifting things! Thanks to Zack Snyder is no longer like that.

Overall rating: 5/10

37. Batman Forever

And here's the Batman movie that turns two of the sanest villains of the bat in complete psychopaths, because no Batman villain could be nearly sane of mind! Jim Carrey could have actually been a really good Riddler, but, as I said, in this movie he is more of a classical mad guy. O'Donnell is a really forgettable Robin as well as Kilmer as the dark knight. The film is still pretty watchable and compared to Batman & Robin, which has been directed by the same guy, is a masterpiece.

Overall rating: 5,25/10

36. Punisher: War Zone

They reboot the franchise and have the opportunity to make something better...and instead they pretty much do the same mistakes. A bit more similar to the comics than The Punisher, the film still fails to bring the message of the comics, but successfully brings the darker atmosphere of the comics. Plus Stevenson, also if not as good as Jane, is a pretty good Punisher.

Overall rating: 5,25/10

35. Blade

Told ya I'm not a big fan of this trilogy! However I have to admit this one compared to Trinity was pretty watchable and quite well done. Still, I didn't like Karen Jenson as well as other minor characters and the special effects (especially the vampire blow up) weren't that good. Also I hated how the film was directed (from the angles of the camera to the scene of the car chase that was speeded in post-production).

Overall rating: 5,5/10

34. Fantastic Four

Here we are with the first movie about the FF. As you can guess if you have read the Part 1, I've hated Alba's performance as the Invisible Woman. Well also the other three members were pretty mediocre, maybe only Evans could be really saved. Plus I really disliked the version of Doctor Doom of the film (nothing like the comic-book counterpart, which is one of the best Marvel villains). You might be asking yourselves "Why this isn't lower in the list then?": well I have to say I was tempted, but I still enjoy a bit seeing this movie and the story is not that bad, so I've decided to put it near the borderline.

Overall rating: 5,75/10

33. Iron Man 3

I know many of you will not agree with this choice, but I was really disappointed by this movie. And before you think this, IS NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF THE MANDARIN! Let me explain this: I was expecting a film better than any Iron Man movie and even The Avengers and instead I got a cheesy movie that falls in humor even when should be a bit serious. Also, the hero could easily stay away from the fights and let Jarvis use remotely the armors (that in this movie are out of nowhere made of paper!). War Machine and AIM are totally underused and instead Pepper and Killian are totally overused (I could stand Rescue Pepper - if you don't know what I'm talking about go look "Rescue Marvel" - , but Extremis thanks). The Mandarin is something real bad, I mean he's a classic extremist soldier with identity problems! Also the kid (Harley) was pretty annoying. The film is still watchable and the story is intriguing, but the disappointment for how they treated many characters is really too high.

Overall rating: 5,75/10

32. Batman Returns

This is the proof that Burton knows nearly nothing about Batman, but can still make a decent movie out of it. Crazier and more "Burton style" than the 1989 Batman film, Returns still manages to deliver a good story, a pretty well characterized Batman and Catwoman but, unfortunately, lost itself on the Penguin, that instead of being a mafia boss like in the comics is just a crazy freak.

Overall rating: 6/10

31. Daredevil

This is probably one of the most "overly-hated" superhero movies out of all without that much reasons. The film, especially in the Director's Cut, is quite good, Affleck is not bad at all as the blind hero as well as Farrell as Bullseye and Duncan as Kingpin. The film only suffers from a not that good script and a not totally excellent direction.

Overall rating: 6,25/10

And here's the end of the second part! Hope you enjoyed it and remember to check the next parts!


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