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Rowan Odom

So I am pretty sure everybody has seen the concept art of Batman's suit in the Batman Vs. Superman by now, and apparently this is what the suit is supposed to look like, this picture just surfaced today:

Now I know what you are thinking: "This could just be a repainted figure!" and yes it most likely is, but that's the concept art suit and doesn't it look cool when it's just not a drawing and is real?!?!? Also, remember how they said that Superman would be getting a suit change as well? Well look at the Superman figure, now I know that is a repainted figure because I own the same figure but this one has a bigger shield on his chest and the shield looks a bit bigger. Also, before this article ends let me say this: Yes, I know that the thumbnail is outdated since it says "2015" and Batman Vs. Superman comes out in 2016, which I hate but as long as we get set pics this year of the suit and how it looks on Affleck, cant wait to see the suit. Let me know down below what you think of this suit!


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