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This is my list of 50 superhero movies (in order of time from Superman 1 to Thor: The Dark World) by Marvel, DC and two by Dark Horse Comics (there will not be spin-off movies like Elektra, Catwoman or Supergirl). It will be divided in 5 parts from worst to best. Also if some movies have the same rating, there's a reason for the way in which they have been ordered. As I already stated this is a personal and subjective list, so if you don't agree with my opinion and want to state about it in the comments, just be polite! ;)

Here's the third part of the list; here you can find the second part and here the first.

Just a reminder: the last one ended with Daredevil. OK, let's start.

30. Constantine

I have to say I was not that much impressed by this movie. There were much better stories of Constantine to be adapted to the big screen and the plot wasn't even that well done compared to the source. Reeves as Constantine isn't just a good fit (come on, the character was inspired by Sting...and what do Reeves and Sting have in common? Pretty much nothing); that said, I have to say he still managed to be acceptable as well as most of the cast.

Overall rating: 6,25/10

29. Green Lantern

With Daredevil, this is probably one of the most hated superhero movies with not so good reasons. I totally agree that it could have been way better, but it was still enjoyable, funny without being cheesy and with pretty good action scenes. In my opinion if this was made by Marvel, there wouldn't have been so many to complain. Reynolds as Jordan did a good job as well as Blake Lively as Carol Ferris and Mark Strong was superb as Sinestro. I didn't liked instead the Hector Hammond character, it was weak, foregone and pretty much useless to the film; in my opinion they should have focus more on Parallax and the change of Sinestro from Green Lantern to Yellow Lantern.

Overall rating: 6,5/10

28. Blade II

This movie is easily the best of its trilogy: it has the best story, the best action sequences and the best characters characterization. And in my opinion it's pretty much credit to Del Toro (director of the movie) as the main cast is pretty much the same in the whole trilogy as well as the screenwriter. Del Toro is a visual director and the way he uses the camera angles and rolls (especially in the action scenes) helps the film not to fall in mediocrity of the others.

Overall rating: 6,5/10

27. Iron Man 2

As the sequel to one of the best Marvel movies...I was definitely expecting something better. RDJ is always great as Iron Man as well as Paltrow as Pepper and Don Cheadle is a pretty good Rhodes, but for the rest...Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow was good, but compared to her Avengers performance this wasn't good enough; Justin Hammer, also if it was a fun character, was really too different from the comic-books and Whiplash was pretty forgettable (not to mention that I didn't liked that much Mickey Rourke in the role). In conclusion the film was fun and action-packed, but it lacked of the soul of the first one.

Overall rating: 6,75/10

26. Superman

And here we are with the movie that started it all! Yeah, I'm obviously talking about the first, the original Superman movie! Also if I liked this movie, especially thanks to the awesome Reeve's interpretation (not only of the superhero, but also of his goofy counterpart) and the really cool soundtrack, I have to say it has lots of flaws. Maybe I'm too used to the new comic-book versions of the characters, but I didn't liked that much either Lois's or Lex Luthor's interpretations. Plus the movie felt really too cheesy (I'm not saying it should have been dark and gritty like the new DC movies, but a bit less stupid yes). It has also some big plot holes like: he can fly fast enough to let the planet turn back, but not to catch two missiles? However I must understand that the movie is pretty old and it should be appreciated the most because it's the milestone of superheroes movies.

Overall rating: 6,75/10

25. Kick-Ass 2

Sequel of the 2010 movie, Kick-Ass 2 is a strong superhero movie with pretty good acting and story. Also if in some parts it's a bit cheesy and in others raw, the film manages to bring to the big screen the feeling and the message of the comic-book, also if with a bit too much changes compared to the first one.

Overall rating: 7/10

24. Hellboy II: The Golden Army

And here's the first movie based on Dark Horse comic-books, Hellboy II. Sequel to the 2004 Hellboy, this movie manages to get close to the good result of the first. Characterized by Del Toro's strange visual effects and visuals, the film has a solid story and really good acting (especially Perlman did a remarkable job as the titular character).

Overall rating: 7,25/10

23. Kick-Ass

The first movie adaptation of hit comic-book by Mark Millar has really good story pretty similar to the source, really good acting as well as characters development. Characterized by raw scenes and funny humor, the film by Matthew Vaughn manages to bring to the big screen a really good interpretation of an awesome story.

Overall rating: 7,25/10

22. X-Men

The first adaptation about the Marvel mutants is a really good superhero movie that stand up especially thanks to a really good acting (especially Stewart as Professor X, McKellen as Magneto and Jackman as Wolverine) and a pretty good story. Still it suffers for the bad use of some really interesting characters, like Rogue, Cyclops and Sabertooth, and bad casting choices, like Halle Berry as Storm.

Overall rating: 7,25/10

21. Hellboy

And here's the second from Dark Horse Comics and, as you could have easily guessed, it's the first Hellboy movie. As it's sequel the movie stand out because of it's strange visuals and the really good direction. The compelling story and the really good acting of Perlman and John Hurt make the movie the best from Dark Horse.

Overall rating: 7,25/10

And here's the end of the third part! Hope you liked it and remember to look for the next ones!


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