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Today, I heard about something that never even occurred to me. On a recent edition of Kevin Smith's "Fatman on Batman" podcast, Smith spoke to Marc Tyler Nobleman, author of Bill the Boy Wonder, an account of the life and career of Bill Finger.

Evidence provided by Mr. Nobleman seems to suggest that it was Finger, not Bob Kane, who was truly the creator of the Batman character we know and love today, laying the groundwork for many different characters and innovations within the Batman mythos. However, Mr. Finger was never given credit for his many contributions, and has since been swept under the rug. Now, 40 years after his death, a campaign has been ignited to spread the word about Bill Finger, spearheaded by Nobleman.

Nobleman is trying to get Google to create a Bill Finger doodle on February 8, which will mark Finger's 100th birthday. Not only that, but 2014 is the 75th anniversary of the Batman character. If you're interested in helping this crusade to get Finger's name recognized, you can send an email to [email protected] to say that you want Finger to receive the credit he deserves. If you're interested in hearing the full details, check out the podcast here:

Also, if you'd like to continue the discussion on Facebook, check out the Bill Finger Appreciation Group. Give 'em a like, and keep yourself in the know about all kinds of interesting tidbits about Bill Finger's work.


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