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Anthony Guiseppe Morelli

I really loved Her. This movie spoke to me on a personal level. And not to offend anyone, but the people who say they do not enjoy this movie simply because they think it is "weird"do not fully understand what makes this movie work. The movie is sci-fi, sure. But it is not "beat you over the head with explosions and very surreal imagery" science fiction. This is "just barely sci-fi" sci-fi. During this film, everything about it feels like it could happen. The technology is barely super advanced, everyone dresses slightly different, and the culture has changed just so slightly to the point that falling in love with the consciousness of a female operating system does not feel out of place.

This movie is brilliant. Spike Jonze handles this advanced society and the film's controversial topics with an open mind, and with a flare for the artistic side of mainstream film. The visuals are stunning, the story is full of both funny moments and tear-jerking dramatics, and everyone in the film gives a wonderful performance. Joaquin Pheonix (Theodore Twombly) acts his role simply, but beautifully. At first, he feels like just another single loser, but it is soon realized that he is not a loser, but a broken and complicated man who has many fears in his life, loneliness being a rather large one. With his brilliant performance comes plenty of sympathy for his character. This is why, when he purchases his hyper-intelligent operating system Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johanssen) you are wrapped up in their love story, regardless of whether or not it has a physically form. And wow, in mentioning the operating system, Scarlett Johanssen does a truly impressive job voicing Samantha. It is honestly amazing just how well she conveys the wonder, emotions, and personality of a conscious person with no physical form, who is constantly learning and evolving, and can be everywhere at any given time. I honestly felt like I could close my eyes and picture her on the screen. The supporting performances are great too, as we receive some rather memorable ones from Amy Adams and Chris Pratt.

If I have one more thing to praise about this film, it is the music. The music in this film (by The Arcade Fire and Karen O) almost feels like a character. It carries so much weight and emotional resonance that I wanted to download the soundtrack while I was watching the movie. The only complaints that I have are the fact that although the film is great, the running time is definitely felt, because of how slow the film is. My other complaint is that the ending was (for me, at least) telegraphed early on in the film. An overall stunning film. 9 out of 10 stars.


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