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Nicolas Carmona

Well the season finale of Sleepy Hollow and what a blast it was!

**Contains Spoilers** On this double episode season finale we explore the legacy that Washington left Ichabod, a map to cross worlds and get to Purgatory. At the same time Irvin is dealing with the aftermath of his daughter's murder attempt. After a small adventure they find the grave where George Washington hid the map, Andy gave himself completely to Moloch and became this monster, though he was easily beaten as the group left the grave. Abbie convinced Ichabod to burn the map that could be used to help Moloch, Ichabod agrees, but memorizes the map to be able to save his wife.

After a small dream that Henry had revealed that another horseman, War, was rising. With this they set out to find a way to defeat him, luckily a witch can help, unluckily Katrena is trapped in Purgatory. After Ichabod reveals he can recreate the map, they go and get to the place to cross worlds; here they are tricked into believing nothing had happened but both of them break free of the trap, eventually they find Katrena who says that the only way for her to go back to the real world is if another soul stays, Abbie sacrifices herself and remains in Purgatory. Once Ichabod and Katrena cross, Henry attacks them and reveals himself to be Jeremy, their son and the second horseman of the Apocalypse. He calls Death who takes Katrena and Ichabod is trapped where Jeremy had lived the past hundred years. This was an amazing episode, I really didn't see Henry being Jeremy and a horseman. Abbie is now trapped in Purgatory and as of now there are no way for her to come back, Ochabod is buried alive and anyone that can help is either unconscious or in jail. I really don't have any idea how they are going to free from this one. It was really unexpected Jeremy being such a strong follower of Moloch and he is very powerful, I really like his performance, I am sure he will be a main antagonist on the next season (Which I hope it's 20+ episodes instead of just 13).

(Side note: Katrena is really gorgeous and hot, hope to see more of her in the future)

All I can say great job to the cast and crew, what a wonderful new series and what a shocking end, I cannot wait for the new season in the Fall!


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