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Joshua Rodriguez

It was reported that the Fantastic Four reboot has a completed script, and actor Michael B. Jordan is attached to play Johnny Storm. Actresses Kate Mara and Saoirse Ronan are expected to test by the end of month, as well as Jordan in order to establish chemistry between the cast. With the production moving forward, and the last two Fantastic Four films being critical flops, the heat is on to assemble a cast. Here are some of the actors that are reportedly under consideration.

Johnny Storm:

Michael B. Jordan

It's no secret that Michael B. Jordan is a front-runner for the role of Johnny Storm. After his great performance in Fruitvale Station, the consideration is understandable.

Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic):

Anton Yelchin

It was reported that Star Trek and Fright Night actor Anton Yelchin is currently being considered to play the expendable man.

Miles Teller-

The actor, previously starring in 21 & Over and The Spectacular Now, has reportedly auditioned and is being considered for the role of Mr. Fantastic.

Susan Storm:

Margot Robbie

The actress, coming from the success of The Wolf of Wall Street, is reported to have auditioned and is being considered for the role.

Kate Mara

The House of Cards actress also auditioned for the role.

The reboot will be directed by Chronicle's Josh Tank and is scheduled to come out June 19, 2015.


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