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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
Dave Conley

In Case you missed it on Syfy channel there's another kind of Storm-front coming to DVD. No it's not the sequel to Sharknado. It's just a stone's throw away from that. It's "STONADOS" .

As the title suggests this time it's weird frozen boulders that are being hurled through the air to wreak havoc. Did I mention that these stone's were created in the atmosphere by volcanic dust and that when they land, the sudden atmospheric pressure drop causes them to explode?

Maybe it's because I'm from New York, but much like the Denver Broncos I have to say it was a treat to see a New England city getting pummeled and destroyed for once. That's right when a sudden storm forms in the waters off the coast of South Boston, it not only sucks up a tour guide but Plymouth Rock itself! From then on this movie lands with some dark humor and some smashingly funny (I know, I went there but it fits) kills.

As Maddy Randall (Miranda Frigon) is investigating the landing of Plymouth rock she calls her brother, science teacher and former storm chaser Joe Randall (Paul Johansson) There they meet up with Joe's old storm chasing partner. Now a cocky, self aggrandizing weatherman Lee Carlton (Sebastian Spence) Who tells Joe of the weather phenomenon which he later copyrights as "Stonados". Of course mayhem ensues as not even Joe Randall's daughter and son believe flying stones are going to hit them and explode again. But Joe and Lee along with their old friend and lighthouse keeper Ben (played by William B. Davis, remember "Cancer Man" from the X Files?) are tracking the freak storms as they move into Boston Harbor and up the river Charles, of course Joe's son and daughter decide to go to a college football game. So it's up to the reunited storm chasers Joe,Lee and Joe's sister Officer Maddy to not only save his kids and then stop the deadly storms with an untested theory before the stonados grow in force and turn inland.

Is this a great movie? Will it "Rock" (sorry did it again) the awards shows? Probably not, I mean flying, man eating sharks are a tough act to follow, BUT if like me you have a soft spot for films like "Sharktopus" and "Sharknado" you'll enjoy this disaster flick. It made me grateful to be hunkered down inside with just snow and polar vortex's outside. Therefore I give it three flying boulders out of five. This storm-front is predicted to hit the DVD shelves on January 28th so duck, cover and enjoy!


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