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So Deadpool needs to have his own R-Rated movie, especially after X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I myself am an absolute huge fan of Deadpool. Now lets say somehow Ryan Reynolds isn't involved in this movie, and they must find a new Deadpool. Also I'm not saying Ryan Reynolds will suck as Deadpool, I think he is perfect for the part, and my choices would not be as good as that casting so here are my alternate Deadpools:

Seann William Scott

Now imagine Deadpool doing that, that would be hilarious.

Charlie Day

Now I think he would make a good Deadpool. Also, he could play Weasel.

Now I also want to throw out a Domino casting of two women

Here are my Dominoes (If she is in the movie)

Olivia Thirlby

Now, if you read my other articles about casting you probably expected her to be my top choice, she just looks the part to me. Somebody please photoshop a picture of her as Domino.

Milla Jovovich

Am I the only one who can see her as Domino?

So let me know in the comments below who you think should play Deadpool (besides Ryan Reynolds) and who you think should play the live-action Domino!


Who (From My List) Do You Think Should Play Deadpool?


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