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Since I did my article on Married Superheroes, I thought it only fair to include their counterparts as well. After all, not all Super-villains are single. But be forewarned that some of them may surprise you, not only by the fact they are Married, but to WHOM they are/were Married. One interesting thing I discovered while working on this article is that the dynamic between Marvel and DC did a 180 degree turn. On the Married Superhero Article I found 7 Marvel and 3 DC Couples, but for the Married Super-villain Article I found 6 DC and 4 Marvel Couples. So, I guess that DC is the Villain to Marvel's Hero. Here are the Couples in order of my knowledge of them:

1. Teth-Adam (Black Adam)/ Adrianna Tomaz (Isis) - Adrianna was given to Adam as a slave by members of Intergang, But he killed them and Married her instead giving her the power of Isis. She died during a Famine making him a widower.

2. General Zod/ Ursa - Ursa met Zod while they were both serving in the Kryptonian Army. At some point they got Married & After finding out that Superman's parents were correct in telling the Counsel their planet was doomed, they attempted a Coup. But they were caught and put in the Phantom Zone for their crimes. While there they had a son, which they sent to earth as did Kal-El's Parents. They are still Married.

3. Max Eisenhardt (Magneto)/ Magda Lehnsherr - Magda met Max while working at his school as a cleaner before WW2. Once Hitler rose to power, they were both taken to separate Detention Camps. He joined the Resistance inside his camp and was able to find and free her on two separate occasions. They were eventually Married and had 3 children together, but he only knew of the oldest for many years. His oldest Daughter died in a fire just prior to his power first manifesting, which is what caused that to happen. He killed the men keeping him from his Daughter with his power and Magda fled, traumatized by these two events. She later gave birth to twins and alledgedly perished in the snow-covered mountains, even though no body was found. He is a widower.

4. Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze)/ Nora Fields (Lazara) - Not much is known of their early life together, but we do know that shortly after they were Married, Nora became Terminally ILL and was put into suspended automation until he could find a cure for her illness. Which is why he became a super-villain in the first place. However, what a lot of us are unaware of is the fact that at some point her body was stolen and taken to a Lazarus Pit. Once her body was submerged in the pit, she was revived and became the Super-Villainess known as Lazara. They are still Married.

5. James Howlett (Wolverine)/ Ophelia Sarkissian (Viper) - Ophelia first met James when She and her Master rescued him from Sabertooth. Years later, while planning to take over a country that was in civil war, she forced him to marry her as repayment for that blood debt. Once they were Married, she did become Queen as she had planned. However, She was forced to grant him a divorce after he saved her life from an Assassination attempt. They are Divorced.

6. Slade Wilson (Deathstroke)/ Adeline Kane (H.I.V.E. Leader) - Adeline met and fell in love with Slade while she was his Unarmed Combat Instructor in the Army. They were Married after going out for 18 months and had two sons. She was disintegrated by Starfire of the Titans at her own request. This act made him a widower and life-long enemy of the Titans.

7. Nathaniel Essex (Mr. Sinister)/ Rebecca Essex - Rebecca and Nathaniel were already Married in the late 1800's when he met Apocalypse. He worked for Apocalypse for a time, eventually gaining his trust and being given his power as she lay dying. Her last words to him were that he was Sinister, therefore he took that as his new name. He is a widower.

8. Alan Scott (Green Lantern)/ Rose Canton (Thorn) - Rose met and fell in love with Alan while recovering from Psychological Treatment on Themiscyra to try and rid herself of her split personality. They got Married after a whirlwind courtship. However her alter, thorn, came out later that night and burned down their honeymoon cabin. Rose was able to get Alan to safety before fleeing to protect him. She became pregnant with his twins that night and gave them up for adoption to save her evil thorn personality from killing them. When they were teens, the kids found each other and tracked down their father who was unaware of their existence. Together, they had to fight Rose in her Thorn persona. She was winning and would have killed them all if Rose's personality hadn't taken control of her body long enough to stab herself in the heart with a knife, saving them all with her sacrifice. He is a widower.

9. Carl Creel (Absorbing Man)/ Mary MacPherran (Titania) - Mary met Carl during one of the Secret Wars in which she was a hero and he was a villain. He saved her and most of the villains and teleported them to earth. Once back on earth they began dating and moved in together almost immediately. They eventually got Married after many months of living together, giving up their secret lives to live as a normal married couple. They are still Married.

10. Ron Troupe/ Lucy Lane (Superwoman) - Lucy met Ron at the Daily Planet where her sister, Lois, worked. At the time, She was dating Jimmy Olsen. Despite this fact they took an instant liking to each other and once She and Jimmy split up, Lucy and Ron started dating. After awhile together, she became pregnant with their child and were Married in her ninth month of pregnancy. After the child was born, Lucy and Lois' father supposedly died fighting kryptonians and Lucy became livid at Lois for not taking his side over Superman's. Lucy then joined the Army and became part of a team that was trying to give humans powers similar to kryptonians. It was then that she found out that her father was indeed alive and he was able to help her gain superpowers in order to get revenge. She was defeated by Supergirl after kidnapping her sister and taken into custody. They are still Married.

There you have them, folks. 10 fairly well known super-villains and their other halves. How did I do? Did you learn anything new about these characters? Did I leave anyone out that is a married villain? As always comment below and follow me on [email protected] or on Facebook at the entertainment writer or phoenixrising photos.


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