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I'm a film-maker, author and deejay from my hometown of Kentucky. I like to watch movies and make them even with a low or zero budget.
Nathaniel Weathers

It has been over two years since we had an on-screen adaption from my book entitled "The Dark Nemesis." In the first short-film, "The Destiny of the Lords of Power: Origins" we were introduced to the main character, Drake Williams, a young high-school student who becomes endowed with superhuman abilities shortly before confronting a powerful dark nemesis known as Dusk. Watching over him, an angelic guardian known as Seraphia comes to his aide and saves his life which sends him on an endless journey towards the inevitable destiny before him. Watch the original film below!

"Nemesis" is set two years later where we focus on character Marcus Geron, Drake's best-friend who he found bloody and beaten somewhere deep in the dark woods after confronting Dusk towards the end of the first film. Marcus was last seen on-screen in "Origins" saying, "Drake? I had one of the most strangest dreams?" Which in Nemesis, we will uncover what he truly meant by that simple, yet mysterious, line.

The sequel is set to film in early 2014 with a brand-new cast to portray the characters in Origins. "The Destiny of the Lords of Power: Nemesis" is to be more violent as we focus on Dusk's storyline where he must face Seraphia once again just hours before the epic showdown with his rival, Drake Williams.

"Origins" was the first short-film that I have ever directed and co-starred as the character, Dusk, from my book. In 2012, I attempted to make a feature-length film entitled "The Dark Nemesis" which was to be my whole book on-screen but I was forced to take a new direction due to casting, location and many other complications.

Origins will be getting a remake in 2014 as well using the same cast that will appear in 2014's Nemesis. The new direction will show the main aspects from my book, "The Dark Nemesis" in three upcoming film installments: Origins, Nemesis and Valor. The remake of Origins will have a better characterization story bridging the gap of the friendship between Drake and Marcus.

The novel, "The Destiny of the Lords of Power: The Complete First Series" is set to release between 2014-2015 with the complete eight books of the series.


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