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This is my list of 50 superheroes movies (in order of time from Superman 1 to Thor: The Dark World) by Marvel, DC and two by Dark Horse Comics (there will not be spin-off movies like Elektra, Catwoman or Supergirl). It will be divided in 5 parts from worst to best. Also if some movies have the same rating, there's a reason for the way in which they have been ordered. As I already stated this is a personal and subjective list, so if you don't agree with my opinion and want to state about it in the comments, just be polite! ;)

Here's the fourth part of the list; Part 3: here; Part 2: here; Part 1: here.

20. The Wolverine

I have to say, after Origins: Wolverine I was really worried about the fate of this movie. Well thanks to James Mangold it was saved! The movie fails to bring accurate transpositions of the villains (Viper and Silver Samurai) and it seems more of an asian/mafia movie than a superhero one, but The Wolverine still manages to explore the more human side of the beast without being slow or boring like Origins, to bring on screen a great and compelling story and some really cool action scenes to life.

Overall rating: 7,25/10

19. The Dark Knight Rises

A dark and gritty superhero movie isn't always perfect and this one is the proof. Many were fascinated by the epicness that the movie tries to put in every scene (even when was not that much necessary), but, I have to say, after the first two really good movies of this trilogy I was expecting something really better from this one. Nolan still manages to keep it on high levels thanks to the really good cast, the awesome soundtrack and the nearly perfect visuals, but the film lacks of an awesome story like the first two (or at least is so full of plot holes and errors that crumples in on itself). Plus the lots of differences from the comic-books, especially on Bane, and the not so brilliant Batman (that only in the first one was really near to his comic-book counterpart) makes the movie fall even farther from the first two.

Overall grade: 7,25/10

18. Superman II

The second Superman movie is easily the best out of the Donner/Reeve's arc, with a more articulated story (that is even connected with the beginning of the first Superman film), better acting and characters development. Reeve's performance was remarkable as in the first one as well as Stamp as Zod. I have to say I preferred the "Richard Donner's cut" to the final Lester's version.

Overall rating: 7,25/10 (Donner's cut: 7,5/10)

17. Spider-Man 2

I have to say I liked this movie. It has some flaws and some bad points, but all summed was enjoyable and action-packed. What I really loved about the movie was for sure Molina as Doc Ock, his performance was nearly perfect! Also J.K.Simmons and Rosemary Harris as JJJ and aunt May respectively were really good. What I didn't liked were Dunst as MJ and the evolution of her relationship with Peter in this film. There were also some useless cheesy scenes like the ones with Peter apartment's owner.

Overall rating: 7,25/10

16. X2: X-Men United

OK, I have to say, I really enjoyed this movie, it's one of the best X-Men movies until now with really cool storyline, great characters development and really good cast. It still suffers from the same errors of the first one like some underused characters that could have been great and some casting issues (one over all - I'll say this again - Halle Berry as Storm). However I really liked characters like Kitty Pride, Colossus, Iceman and Stryker that in the first one had minor roles or were completely absent. Also the political background make it more adult and compelling.

Overall rating: 7,5/10

15. Spider-Man

The first Sam Raimi's Spider-Man is still the best of its trilogy to me. Really good acting, really good story and really interesting characters characterization with funny moments and inner fights, the film manages to capture the evolution of Peter Parker becoming the friendly neighborhood hero. There were some things I didn't liked, like the reunion between the Osborns, MJ, Peter and aunt May and the representation of Norman's evil alter-ego, the Green Goblin.

Overall rating: 7,5/10

14. The Incredible Hulk

Now this is a Hulk movie that's worth talking about! I'm obviously talking about The Incredible Hulk (now, I have to say this: this is a REBOOT, not a sequel to the Ang Lee's Hulk; the facts that happened in the 2003 movie, apart from the experiment that turned Banner into the green Goliath, aren't related at all with this movie; this movie is set in the MCU continuity and led to The Avengers). Now that we have settled this, let's talk about the movie: it is really good, well done story, really good acting; I quite liked Norton's performance (also if it's not at the level of Ruffalo's) as well as Roth's and Hurt's. Loved the Leader sort of "cameo". The special effects were good, but the Hulk still looked really too fake.

Overall rating: 7,5/10

13. Captain America: The First Avenger

The first time I saw this movie I was a bit disappointed: maybe I was expecting something better, maybe just something different. Well the second time I saw it I actually enjoyed it, the third I quite loved it; I have to say I really like films that grow up view after view and this is surely one of them! Really good acting, from Evans as Cap (better fit than Jonny Storm) to Weaving as Red Skull, without leaving back Atwell as Peggy, Stan as Bucky, Cooper as Howard Stark, ... too many! The story was really good as well as the settings. The whole film (also the soundtrack) felt really "old" and patriotic like it should have been.

Overall rating: 7,5/10

12. V For Vendetta

Here we are with a "not-so-much-superhero-movie", V For Vendetta, based on the visionary graphic novel by Alan Moore. Pretty faithful to the source, the film has a strong plot, good characters characterization and the political backgrounds make it all even more interesting. The film manages to bring pretty much the soul of the comic to the big screen, but loose some parts of it during the "conversion".

Overall rating: 7,75/10

11. Man Of Steel

And here we are with Zack Snyder's reboot of the Superman saga. I have to say I really liked this movie, it has a really good story, pretty good acting and some of the best action sequences in superheroes movies. Cavill was superb as the man of steel (really near to Reeve's), Adams was really good as Lois Lane as well as Shannon as Zod, not to mention Crowe and Costner as the two fathers of the superhero! The epic tone and the really well done "prequel" on Krypton step even higher the bar. But the film is not perfect and it suffers from some bad screenplay "errors" from plot holes (for example after he heard that Zod wanted him, why did he go to a random priest instead of his Kryptonian father?) or some really awkward or unnecessary scenes (like the tentacles one).

Overall rating: 7,75/10

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