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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

"Hey, is my ass burning?" - Johnny Knoxville

That's right I chose Mr.Knoxville as Deadpool!

Writers from multiple sites keep choosing Ryan Reynolds for whatever reasons and choosing stuntmen like Ray Park. Don't get me wrong because both men are talented individuals but this role would be perfect for Johnny! He has the voice, the laughter, comedic timing, professional stuntman, professional jackass and he's CRAZY!

There are other actors I could think of besides Ryan Reynolds but out of all the actors, Johnny has the whole package, obviously the man can't do all the fight scenes but if they find a stuntman that's built like Johnny (or closely resembles him) and he knows martial arts then he's good to go! During the fight scenes Johnny can do the voice-over for the stuntman.

It's my opinion, I don't find Ryan that funny and his voice doesn't ring a Deadpool to me but Johnny Knoxville does!

This is meant to be a short and sweet article but what do you think of Johnny Knoxville as Deadpool?

Mr. Knoxville's crazy laughter suits perfectly for Deadpool -


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