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I find myself to be inspired by films that have a great story, and amazing characters.
Heather Murphy

Here I am again, writing about another villain. This time, its James Purefoy's Joe Carroll in Kevin Williamson's The Following.

He is so deliciously devious. I love the whole Edgar Allan Poe angle with the character. I love how the character was a professor. I love everything about this character. His character feels real, and that is a frightening feeling. Joe Carroll is the kind of psychopath you should be afraid of. Intelligent, attractive, and charismatic. I love how he is driving the plot of the show. Everything is centered around the relationship between Joe Carroll and Kevin Bacon's Ryan Hardy. I feel that Joe is leading Ryan about the nose, all the while hatching his master plan.

I just started watching The Following, and I was floored by the pilot. The character is set up within those first few scenes. Blood spattered everywhere, you know immediately what kind of man you're dealing with. Dangerous and brutally violent.

I look forward to watching the rest of season one and starting season two. This comes from the mind of Kevin Williamson, writer of the Scream films. Knowing that, I know I won't be disappointed.


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