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Devil's Due is yet another film from the crowded found footage genre, and with Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones already out in cinemas this film needed to do something vastly different to stand out.

Much of the film is shown from the perspective of Zach McCall (Zach Gilford). Starting off in an interview room of a police station with a bloodied Zach, the film then goes back in time to detail how this came to pass. Whilst on his honeymoon with his new wife Samantha the couple get drugged and a strange ritual is performed on Samantha. Soon after arriving back to America she finds out she is pregnant which overjoys Zach. As the months progress Samantha starts to act more and more out of character, and Zach becomes convinced a strange group is spying on them both.

First of all, the fact that Zach films his whole life is just plain weird, taking the camera into doctors' appointments, to church, and not even putting it down when alarming stuff with his wife happens. On top of this is the fact that he never bothers checking what he has filmed. The whole Satanic ritual his wife is put through on their last night of the honeymoon is there on camera but he just never feels the urge until far too late into the film to bother seeing just what happened the night they both lost their memories. To supplement this, lots of security camera footage and hidden cameras are used to give plot for when Zach is not there to film, kind of reminded me of how Chronicle was done.

Now what is there to distinguish this film from the countless other found footage films? For the first hour it makes no attempt to break from tradition, it makes little attempt to even be a horror film. It is a real bore with the scary or exciting scenes very rare, though did include a fun little sequence out in some woodland. It is only in the last twenty minutes when the pace finally picks up and crazy spooky stuff starts to happen. I did enjoy this last part of the film, but after over an hour of tedium it was far too little too late.

A boring take on the rise of the Antichrist that spent far too much time leading up to anything worth watching. The plot is riddled with holes and the characters are just not interesting with no one to care about. It does feature some quite cool special effects but overall it is hard to recommend.

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