ByDan Maiorana, writer at
Dan Maiorana

As I sit here, I can't help but think the controversy surrounding this movie. It's been pushed back to 2016, Steven Amell is in it! All of these I feel are just pre-conceived notions of everyone's excitement that the movie is on its way to being made.

Personally I believe a movie of this magnitude that is trying to compete with Marvel needs time, a good storyboard and a great team of workers. This movie is being primarily shot in Chicago, non-union town I believe when it comes to extras, give it a shot! Just remember non-union means non-union rates.

Okay back on topic, there are a lot of predictions going on right now, what's what, whose gonna be who. Petitions for Ben Affleck to take off the cowl, Jason Momoa as Aquaman(Confirmed), Denzel Washington for Lex Luthor and Green Lantern,(Complete bullshit, the dude that worked at my local Starbucks is Lex Luthor.) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson going out for an unknown role most likely related to Momoa relative to body size.(I was kinda right, Johnson is playing Black Adam). Joaquin Phoenix apparently went in for a role as well, suspicions of Bryan Cranston. I like to believe MOST of the casting is done, with Ezra Miller as The Flash the remaining heroes we are waiting for should be SHAZAM!'s casting and Green Lantern, for BVS:DOJ. With Justice League coming out in 2017, the story development must be pretty drastic to bring together 5 or 6 heroes, so soon.

All I am saying is, we calm down a bit and stop posting the outrageous speculation articles about who or what is going to be in this movie, just sit back and enjoy the announcements.


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