ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

It is reported that the script for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot is already done and filming in about a month. I am very glad to hear this news, after the box office disappointment from the previous movies, I have been waiting to see a new Fantastic Four; still curious to see if they are going to merge universes with X-Men (I guess we will get hints in Days of Future Past maybe?).

Another part that came with this news were that they are finalizing casting and still Michael B. Jordan is a name that keeps dropping for the role of the human torch. I am still iffy about this, mainly because so far the possible cast they have given us has been way too young for what I would like my F4 to be, so I am sure we will get definite answers in a month and I am hesitantly excited about what this cast will look like.

Also they are shooting in Louisiana, I hope somewhere close to where I live, might try to go and see.


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