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Max Eisenhardt, AKA Magneto, has a reputation (deserved I'll Admit) as a Villain. However after reading his and his wife's Wiki pages I honestly don't see how he could be anything else. He has had to endure one tragedy after another his entire life. His father was even beat almost to death by friends of a man WHOSE LIFE his father had SAVED in World War one, while young Max watched. His Father was then thrown out of the Man's office and he was told that they were even now because the men would have killed him if not for the man stopping them. He met his future wife when they were children growing up in Germany prior to World War 2 and once Hitler took power he had to watch them take her to a detention center as he was sent to another one simply because she was a gypsy and he was Jewish. He joined the resistance inside the camps and saved her from being killed on two different occasions. Toward the end of the war he took her into hiding in the Mountains of Romania and lived in a small village for many years getting married and having a daughter.

He decided after their child was born to move to Russia so that he could better himself and take care of his family. He was coming home one night when he saw the Inn they were staying at was on fire. When he ran to the inn he found out his daughter was trapped on the upper floors, but he was held back from rescuing her as he heard her death screams. It was at this moment that his power manifest for the first time killing the men holding him back. His wife suffered so much trauma from these two events that she ran away from him, neglecting to tell him she was pregnant again. It would be DECADES later when he found out that he was the father of twins, who had been taken to an orphanage before his wife had disappeared never to be seen again and presumed dead.

After his wife left, Max moved to the United States where he took a job as an orderly in a Psychiatric Hospital for victims of the Holocaust. It was there that he met his "Frienemy", Charles Xavier, for the first time. After he realized that he and Charles had different views on the co-existence of Humans and Mutants (Charles believed that they could live as equals, and Max thought that humans should serve mutants), he left for parts unknown. He resurfaced years later as a double-agent. He would track Nazi War Criminals for either the CIA or MI-6 (Accounts Differ) and then turn them over to the Mossad. However, when he tried to turn over a Nazi Agent that his control country didn't want turned over he was forced to watch his "Control" agent murder his girlfriend before his eyes. He then caused that person to kill them-self.

After this incident, Max started calling himself Magneto for the first time and decided to conquer the human race, in order to prevent any more Mutants from being oppressed humankind. It was during his recruiting drive that he unknowingly saved his own children (now grown) from being beat by a mob and had them join his cause. This was the beginning of his on again/off again relationship with Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. At one time he even forced them to go with him to the United Nations in order to force the UN into giving Mutants a Country of their own. This ended with his capture by the X-men and Avengers after Quicksilver sent the Avengers a distress signal.

A few years later he was presumed dead and only returned in order to help stop Doctor Doom from taking over the World. He was then considered a hero for a time before being attacked after he was falsely accused of going back to being a villain. Of Course, Magneto did what most of us would have done, He said "if you want me to be a villain, I'll be a villain." After that he continued trying to recruit mutants to his cause until he lost his power along with most Mutants in the World, simply by his daughter speaking the words, "No more Mutants." He got them back eventually, however, just as most Mutants did. After reading about all the things he has endured in his life I can honestly say that if I had lived a life with as much Persecution, Betrayal, Strife, and Death as Magneto has and had his powers, I believe that I would also be a Super-villain.

What do you think? If you had lived with as much tragedy as Magneto has and had his power, would you be a hero or a villain? as always comment below and follow me on [email protected] or on facebook at the entertainment writer, phoenixrising photos, or phoenix reborn if you like.


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