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Angel Moron

Hi guys, I was talking with my friends from work and school and came across a dilemma!!!! Not all of us were comic book fans or superhero enthusiasts. Actually only 4 out of 15 of us are. All 4 of us hated X-Men origins Wolverine but the other 11 liked it or really liked it. I asked why, they responded "It had a little bit of everything." They liked the plot, event hough it has been over used in Hollywood. They had no idea what was supposed to happen, they had no idea who the characters were, except for Wolverine, which they saw in the previous X-men movies.

The most praise came in the form of "They wrote this more like a movie. With the three basic acts and enough character development." That left my three 'geek' friends and I pretty irritated. On my way home I finally understood what Fox, Sony and Marvel try to do... Try to please everybody!!!! I know it's a new idea and no one has ever tried to do it (being sarcastic.) Since then I re-watched almost all of the hero movies I didn't like. Fantastic Four 1 and 2 still suck. Spider Man 3, X-Men 1 and 3 suck even more. Daredevil, Electra and Ghost Rider 2... could't get myself to watch them again. X-Men 2, Ghost Rider 1, X-men Origins Wolverine and Spider Man weren't too bad. I kind of liked them. I put my geek aside and saw them with new eyes, almost pretending they were different characters that I had never seen before. As for the rest of the hero movies, I liked them before and didn't re-watch them. So if you watched a crappy hero movie again through different eyes, sound off below. Also, should the producers appease the general public or stroke our comic geek egos? (I'm leaning towards the masses. I don't want to see a movie of a comic arc I already read five times.)


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