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Not because I haven't written an article in a couple of days, but because someone, or persons, took my Idea and made "Sequels" of it. Which is kinda cool...but that is not why you clicked on this article. You clicked on this article to read the magnificent mind of Cody Reece. The mind no man can ever understand. Because it is sooo AWESOME. (I think I went a little too far...)

Let the reading begin!

#1 Chronicle 2

Chronicle is one of the best "Lost and Found" films out there. It deserves a sequel.

#2 Troll Hunter 2

This film is another great "Lost and Found" Masterpiece. Even though it is not in English (for some of you, this is no big deal) it is a great film. Deserves a Sequel.

#3 Serenity 2

Only seen 100% of the film and it was AWESOME!!! Deserves a sequel. If you are a big fantasy nerd. This is your film. Not only that, Joss Whedon directed this film!

#4 Jaws 4/Reboot

(Usually, I would just stick to the next installment to a film (like Jaws 2) but since the other guys made sequels of this and did not follow what I did for the first "Sequels that Should Happen". I was like "What the Heck, It doesn't matter.")

There was a rumor that Jaws was going to get a Reboot. So far, there has been no confirmation if that was a rumor or not. Anyways, Jaws is a good "Animals vs Human" film. Jaws is just like Jason. They both kill with sharp edges, and they both are super memorable.

#5 Green Lantern 2 (surprise, surprise!)

To tell you the truth, I thought the first film was fine. It was not the Super Hero film every wanted (because it sucked) but I still think this film has potential to have a sequel.

Thanks guys for reading this! If you want to see the original, it is on my page. And you can follow me for updates, movie ideas, casting choices, and maybe a movie here and there. See ya later!


Which one would you see first?


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