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Dawn Lodrigue

Imagine you wake up at the bottom of the ocean, trapped beneath the shadows of a swarm of large shadows, sharks. The only way up to the surface for the air is to swim through all of the large and dangerous sharks. How would you handle this, could you? Could I? After all, this is my biggest fear. The reason I am asking is most of us will never have to face our greatest fear, least of all on purpose. In the world of Divergent, however, that is how one proves courageous, or dauntless. This is one of five traits valued in the society set in the future Chicago. Five traits separates the city, five traits give each life a purpose and a job. Those who can't fit into the five or who cannot be classified as one are...Divergent.

So in the world we live in, the only time we truly experience being separated by traits is high school. The smart kids all have their own place, the adrenaline junkies get to hang out and are usually the most fun to watch, the quiet ones who just sit like statues at the lunch tables, etc. There is something oddly familiar in the storyline of Divergent, being ranked and separated by mere personality traits. I think this is what will separate Divergent from the other book to movie franchises. This is a world we all can relate to, everyday we are stereotyped and generalized by what people can identify most about us. Those of us not fitting the cookie cutter mold get the cold shoulder from a lot of the people we face daily. In Divergent this is no different.

So what is separating the people of Divergent? Well, let's look at the five classes. Amity, which is the peaceful class, Candor, the honest, Erudite, the smart, Abnegation, the selfless, and Dauntless, the courageous. In Divergent, the people are tested at around 16 in a simulation in the mind that shows which of the five personality traits is the strongest. this is determined by how the person reacts in the simulation. For instance, if one is honest throughout the simulation, they are an Candor. There are those who, however, do not follow a strict pattern of controlled reactions in the simulations, causing inconclusive results. These are the Divergents, and this a deadly thing to be. If they cannot classify, control, and place you, you are a threat to the world.

Enter Tris. She turns out highly inconclusive and is told to lie about her results and to choose her new faction. She is brave, because she chooses to be a Dauntless. This is where it starts getting very good. If the movie follows the book, there could almost be hints of horror to the movie as in the initiation into Dauntless, they are beaten, tortured a little, and are forced to face terrifying situations and fear simulations of their worst nightmares. Remember my fear of being beneath a bunch of sharks? If I were trying for Dauntless, I would have to swim up to pass. There are multiple simulations,multiple fears, and the bigger problem, Tris is Divergent, so she knows she is in simulation unlike the rest of the other initiates.

So here comes the big question, which is worse: being an outcast your whole life from not fitting society's definition of normal or facing your fears? Divergent provides us with an action packed, in your face way to answer the question without actually being in danger.I for one cannot wait for this movie.

So if you are depressed by a cruel death sport in Hunger Games, and if you are tired of attractive sparking men like Twilight, then look to Divergent for new definitions of people and society and a very manly man as the lead man Four. Are you Dauntless? will you be brave enough to watch Divergent opening night? I am lol.


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