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There are many articles about the most recent episode of the hit show Marvel's Agents of Shield..."Seeds". Mainly about the major hints and clues giving to us about Coulson and Skye. On the episode prior to "Seeds", we found out what really happened to Coulson after being stabbed in the heart by Loki, and how he was dead for days. Now Coulson is deeply bothered that Fury would hide this from him and questions that if the tampered with his mind why not something else? Could we see some hi-tech from SHIELD or some sort of magic they are not telling us about?

Early in the season we saw Skye looking into her past trying to find out what happened to her parents. We would get clues every now and then, but in "Seeds" we found out a big part of the truth. It is revealed that Skye was designated by S.H.I.E.L.D. as a "0-8-4" - an object of unknown origin. Also that the Agents that tried to save her and protect her were being crossed off the list. One Agent survived the attacks and was flying under Shields radar for years. He told us the story and how the girl..."Skye" could have powers that could be dangerous. We haven't seen that yet, but she is damn good with a computer. Coulson was told by May not to tell Skye what they learned; he tells Skye anyway because he was in the dark for a long time and didn't like it, so why continue to lie to her? I thought that was deeply touching, shows that the team has really grown together. Even for May and Ward...who really grew close to each other in the bedroom, multiple times from what May told Coulson in "Seeds" "Agent Ward and I have been having sex." Have been? So it wasn't that one time...awkward!

For the longest time I thought May was Skye's mother, because she was so mean and stern with Skye with keeping personal business out of work. Also she didn't want to help Skye look for information. She even got her kicked off the "BUS" which ended up being a trick anyway, but still I didn't like that so I had my suspicions. I am very interested if we find out more info about Skye in the upcoming episodes or not? Will Coulson confront Fury and ask why he moved "heaven and earth" to save him? What else did they do to him? Do you have comments or questions of your own? Do you have the answers to some of my questions? Please comment and try to avoid the insults please!


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