ByNicolas Carmona, writer at
Nicolas Carmona

Last week we learned that the highly anticipated movie and MoS sequel, Batman Vs Superman (working title) was going to be pushed all the way to May 6th, 2016; this left a weekend pretty much completely open in the middle of the summer. Here come Disney and Marvel, who don’t hesitate and take their July 17th, 2015 date two weeks earlier than when it was supposed to come out.

This arises two things, one Disney is extremely happy with the way the pre-production of the movie is going and is very confident that they can move it even more. This confidence is something WB/DC lacks and it’s something that Disney/Marvel have, something that has made this universe so successful. The other thing that came to mind is even though everything is going well for the movie, why move it two weeks earlier; could it be that they can expect a higher box office return in those two weeks. I still can’t help to wonder why even make the move, but hey I will be getting Ant-Man earlier than expected and that makes me very very happy. Any ideas or comments?


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