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Jim Kanios

My idea of a cool article is to do exactly what the title states. It's interesting hearing other fans opinion towards upcoming movies. Once the movie is close to release, that's when I prefer to write about the facts, coming from the specific source.

My choice for baddies in BVS are:

  • 1. Lex Luthor- of course- He will have some ties to Bruce Wayne early on, that would be interesting to see in today's day and age. I would like to see Batman having a hand in kicking Lex's arse for Superman
  • 2. Metallo- He's a good enemy to face after Zod, someone with a little more skill and power. They can put just about any villain in this movie and it's still going to Smash records. Having the Joker in JL would make my day!

Feel free to throw out any ideas, have fun, and thanks for taking time to read!


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