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Nicolas Carmona

On this episode we meet Cain (Lassie!!!) the trainer of the knights of hell and the holder of the first blade.

**Will Contain Spoilers** Dean and Sam are separated and each has an adventure; Sam and Castiel try to find Gadriel and Dean finds himself helping Crowley finding the first blade, the one weapon that can kill Abaddon. Dean and Crowley’s adventure take them meet Cain, feared by all Demons, he retired a long time ago; after a small attack on Cain’s house, Dean sort of proofs himself that he is willing to go the extra mile to end the last knight of hell. Cain tells Dean that the blade wont work without the mark of Cain, finds Dean to be worthy of it, they are very similar in the fact that they sacrifice for their brothers (after so much bad belief, we find out that Cain did it all for his brother). Dean gets the mark without listening to the consequences and Cain tells him that after he finishes Abaddon to come and find him and kill him. Sam and Castiel get leftover grace in Sam to find Gadriel and by this Cas tells Sam that he learned a lot being human, a lot came from them, the Winchesters.

I found the Sam/Cas story kind of boring at times; however, at the end the words that Castiel gave Sam were very meaningful and made the shift between him and his brother, without being too direct. Now the focus of the episode was Dean/Cas, we learned many new things about demons and the origin of the knights of hell, we also got a different view of Cain (who was portrayed perfectly by Timothy Omundson). This episode expanded the Supernatural mythos even more and it was pretty great. Now the boys are one step closer to be able to take care of Abaddon, Sam got a better understanding of…really himself, and we got a new very interesting character introduced, Cain, who personally was the best part of the episode. Now I wonder, have we even met the character that might get the spin off?


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