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Eugenio Iacono

Wheadon, before even the first episode of the series was released, said that J. August Richards character was inspired by a comic-book character. Well now it is confirmed that Mike Peterson is going to be Deathlok in the series!

After the explosion that nearly killed him in episode 10, "The Bridge", the character was seen without a leg and with a bionic eye (with a camera inside like the one Akela Amadour had on the 4th episode, "Eye Spy") and was forced to work for the Clairvoyant in the post-credit scene of episode 11, "The Magical Place". Some of the fans had speculated that he could have become Deathlok, well here's the confirmation folks!

For those who don't know the character, Deathlok is a cyborg antihero. The character in the show will probably be inspired by the first and the third Deathlok. The first was a soldier that after suffering life-threatening injuries, was reconstructed as a cyborg, half man and half machine; under certain circumstances, one side dominates the other: when the cyborg prevails, he turns into a powerful killing machine, seeking justice on those who do evil; when the human side prevails he tries to get rid of his artificial body, without success. The third Deathlok was an agent of SHIELD that decided to put his mind inside of a cyborg body to fight HYDRA.

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