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Lets make this movie happen!

Back in March, 2007 (that's way back!) An interview between Entertainment Weekly and creator of God of War, David Jaffe -

God of War game director David Jaffe reveals that there’s a script for the upcoming movie. Written by David Self (Thirteen Days, Road to Perdition), said script will be sent out to “a huge-name director.” (Raimi? Jackson? Snyder? Spielberg? GIBSON?!?!?) Jaffe also hopes that Benin-born actor Djimon Hounsou (Gladiator, Blood Diamond) will play Kratos, despite the fact that Kratos is Greek: “You have to get past the fact that Kratos is Greek, but in terms of the way he looks and his acting ability and his physique — I can't think of a better choice.” Hounsou is certainly enigmatic and sexy, but who do you think would best fill Kratos’ silver screen shoes? (After watching 300, I would shell out 10 bucks any day to see Gerard Butler as a half-naked Greek.) ...Oh, and let's hope this song doesn't make it into the movie.

I'm so sick and tired of God of War fanboys choosing mediocre talent for these roles! I understand Kratos is a Greek badass but for once want I to see an action hero with depth, not some big muscular guy that says "I must BREAK YOU!" and all he does is yell/grunt..ohhh so intimidating..NOT! Let the character have great dialogue mixed with gory action scenes but treat the film with respect! I get it put some pale make-up on any of those actors I named and you have "Kratos" I guess, lets be hoenst..I don't find Vin Diesel that intimidating unless he's Riddick and Dwayne's voice doesn't have a lot of power but he has the body but that's it for comment on Bill Goldberg 0__0 (that image is just wrong).

I somewhat remember about this news back in middle school? But it kinda faded away, then my interest came back because I started seeing GOW fancastings, now i'm curious if the movie will ever be made and will they use (Oscar nominated best supporting actor) Djimon Hounsou! He's a great actor no doubt and he sure beats Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), and Bill Goldberg (WWE).

Here's the issue with many of these nerds having Djimon as Kratos is his skin tone..he's black. So what! Trust me people look up Djimon Hounsou as Kratos and read the negative comments, they are so dumb it makes you wonder why humans are so stupid?

There are a number of reason why David Jaffe would like Djimon as Kratos, and starting with Djimon is a great actor that can bring the character Kratos to life, he has a deep strong voice like Kratos, similar features (muscular). The voice-actor for Kratos is Terrence C. Carson ( a black man). Every misconception fans make is that they think Kratos is naturally a pale skin anti-hero, WRONG! He's actually covered in his wife and daughter ashes. Fun fact is that Kratos was originally going to have an African look with wild dreads which isn't uncommon actually, i'm big fan of history and Greek mythology!

Kratos voice-actor:

I'm not that into the bible or anything along those lines but there are multiple stories in Jewish bibles and Oxford University too had books describing Spartans, many of the descriptions were men with dark hair, dark skinned, big lips, wide nostrils and large physiques. Now this isn't impossible because geographically Sparta is very south of Greece and VERY close to North Africa!

There are many articles about Greeks learning from Africans (Click here to read an article) and in Frank Miller's 300 he actually made many of the characters with African or "negro features" and I did find it strange that all the Spartans were pale as hell with no armor minus their warrior braided/dreadlocks hairstyle. The movie is AWESOME but very Eurocentric.

Some images from the graphic novel (this is also how I picture ancient Greeks) and last picture is Michael Fassbender as Stelios, looks nothing like him from the novel:

This is an interesting video pointing out some cool pictures in the graphic novel but I don't believe everything he talks about because I like to do my own extra research but watch @1:15 to 4:30 (CLICK HERE)

Lets get back to God of War, here's a video I will post below where the designers of GOW explain Kratos looking African/tribal and how David Jaffe says the most realist thing stating that the images they used were Greek according to their research but it wasn't Greek enough in the general publics eyes in other words many imagine a fair skin maybe tan man with blonde hair and bright blue eyes like Brad Pitt as Achilles.

=166">(Won't let me post videos so click here to watch video 1 and click link 2 to watch video 2)

(link 2 watch @3:34)

So it's not me being ignorant or coming off prejudice but telling the truth that society is uncomfortable about a "black" Greek demigod and he's only labeled black or white because the racist/ignorant world we live in but in reality he's just GREEK! Anyone can be Greek if you're born there. Same with anyone can be born within the continent of Africa not just "black people", we are all one as the color brown, we are ALL shades of brown.

Anyways I can go on and on but Djimon is perfect as Kratos and if you notice the evolution of the character, they made his lips thinner and changed his past appearance by making him look more Anglo-Saxson to make the general audience feel more comfortable, they even made his family paler in later games.

Kratos family before looking more Anglo-Saxon (this is how I picture ancient Greeks again):

We should all embrace diversity even non Eurocentric history tells us the world was mixed up!



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