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Hello! Since this is my first post I thought I would just take the time to introduce myself and just generally give my thoughts on The Bat-suit. This really has been discussed at length with absolutely no information. I am all for mass speculation but it just makes me more eager to see an official picture…Then I go so far as to wonder why I actually give a hoot about what he will be wearing. To be fair as long as it resonates as Batman I really don't have an opinion on which suit has been better than another (EXCEPT THE NIPPLES! STEP AWAY FROM THE NIPPLES), I feel Keaton's suit is probably the best looking if not the least practical, it's clear he is restricted in his movement which hinders the character and therefore the action, but to be fair the suit has little relevance to what I feel for the movie, same goes for Bales' suit. It looks fairly cool, it's practical with all the padding etc but again it's only about 0.12% of my caring for the movie and I think the success or failure of Affleck as Batman has a lot more important factors to be considered other than what his suit looks like.

Personally I like Ben Affleck. His directorial style is good and I have seen him give strong performances in films that I guess are never pointed out the same way his, let's say, less than strong performances are. I am certainly in the "give the lad a chance box". Perhaps it's because I'm Scottish and we tend to be all for underdogs…. I must stress however that all I shall write are my own opinions and takes on the movie/TV worlds and hope that it's understood I don't believe that my opinion is anymore right or wrong than anyone else's, but just as right and truthful as I can be personally. With that I shall say cheeribye!


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