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The Oscar statuette costs roughly $400 to make, but being nominated for one can result in millions of dollars of revenue at the box office. Winning an Oscar means different things for different people. For an actor, it symbolizes recognition of his or her professional achievement, and usually results in higher salaries and better roles in the future. For fans, the nomination indicates which films are viewed by the industry as worthy of appreciation. And for film distributors, being nominated or winning the award means additional box office earnings.

Keeping this in mind, let’s look at a few percentages and some numbers to find out exactly how nominations and awards affect a film’s .....continue reading

During the past five years the average budget of a winning movie has been $17 million and it has earned an average of $82.5 million at the box-office, which is a 385% return on investment.

On average, winners of Best Picture in the past five years have earned $35.3 million in box-office revenue before the Oscar nominees were announced, $29.4 million once they were nominated and $17.9 million after winning the Oscar. In other words they earned 42.8% of box-office revenue before the nominations, 35.6% once they were nominated and 21.7% after winning the Oscar. Let’s look at a movie example in order to get a better understanding of the findings and find out the true value of the “Oscar bump” – the difference between expected box office revenue.....continue reading


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