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Shannon O'Hara

American Hustle may have tied with Gravity for the most nominations this year (both films received ten), but the pit of my stomach tells me it's going to be snubbed- big time. Here's why American Hustle won't take home the Oscar in each of its nominated categories:

Writing (Original Screenplay)

American Hustle was far from a perfect film. The plot seemed to drag in the second act, and the whole movie felt like it was setting up for something "bigger." It faces pretty stiff competition from Her, which was phenomenally written with surprising originality. Spike Jonze already has the Golden Globe for this one under his belt, and I think the Oscar should belong to him too.

Production Design

Frankly I'm not sure I need to go too much into this one, as any of the other nominations would be clearly wiser choices. My money's on Gravity, but 12 Years a Slave could capture this one too.

Film Editing

I'll be honest- this film wasn't that complicated. It didn't appear to require a remarkably skilled editor. Once again, I think this one belongs to Gravity.

Costume Design

This is the one category that I would actually be rooting for American Hustle in, but for some reason I think it's going to go to 12 Years a Slave. Historically, picking the simple but accurate over the flashy seems to be the typical Academy play.


I know I'm starting to sound extremely pro-Gravity, but in all honestly I didn't even like the film. However, I'm trying to put aside my sympathies and think like the Academy. Once again, merely because of the unprecedented cinematography this film displayed and the Golden Globe victory, I think I'm once again going to lay my bets on Alfonso Cuaron.

Supporting Actress

After the Golden Globes were said and done, I think the award that had me fuming the most was the Best Supporting Actress. Jennifer Lawrence gives a solid performance in American Hustle, but I didn't find her role to be particularly fascinating or Golden Globe worthy. If Lupita Nyong'o doesn't take the Oscar home, it'll be the biggest upset of the night for me.

Supporting Actor

Bradley Cooper really doesn't do anything interesting in this film, he was pretty much nominated simply because he was in the movie. Personally, I was completely blown away by Michael Fassbender's performance in 12 Years a Slave, but after the Golden Globes, I'm watching out for Jared Leto as well.

Best Actress

Amy Adams definitely has a shot at this one, but she is facing some extremely tough competition from Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett (for once, Meryl Streep is the last person I want to win this year). This one is definitely going to be difficult to predict, but I have a feeling Amy Adams will meet some bad luck.

Best Actor

For God's sake, can Leonardo DiCaprio just have his day already? I want him to win not because he's the best in the category (in which case, I'd nominate Chiwetel Ejiofor), but merely because he deserves it after all this time. Either way, Christian Bale is definitely the last person on my list to win this one- the odds are not in his favor.

Best Picture

This one could really go a thousand different ways. Will the Academy stick to its classic taste and declare 12 Years a Slave the best picture of the year, or will they attempt to surprise us a bit and select Gravity? I definitely think it's between those two (honestly, my favorite movie nominated in the category is Her, but that's definitely a longshot). Sorry, American Hustle, but I think you are going to be left out yet again.

So, do you agree with me, or do you think American Hustle is going to take home all 10 of its nominations? Let me know.


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