ByJeremy Wade, writer at
Jeremy Wade

I feel they should consider Max William. I first saw him on the show bullet in the face on IFC channel. The character he played goes by the name of Gunter Vulger. if I spelled the characters name wrong, I'm sorry. The character he played on the show was crazy, psychotic, and violent with a twist of crazy humor. Hmm sounds like a character we've seen before in comics, TV, video games, and 2 films. As I watch this show, I start thinking this guy could play the joker. He kinda looks like the joker. He has the right build and he can pull off the character as well. For those of you who haven't seen the show, you should check it out. Full episodes can been seen on Youtube and also they're putting it out on DVD as well. Too bad they never did another season. IFC should have renewed a 2nd season, as a lot of people became fans. But I feel this guy could be the new joker.

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