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While looking up my Superhero Couple Article I started wondering what the top rated Superhero Movie ever was, when it came out and how well it did at the Box Office. I now have those answers and am sharing them with you. I know some of you might be upset that Batman took up 4 spots on the list. Before I start getting a bunch of comments about other Superhero movies not getting a chance, know this, I went through 765 Movies to get these ten. If you want to go through more, be my guest. I am going to list the name of the Movie, the year it was made, the rating it has, and last of all it's total box office as of January 25 this year. Now, on with the Countdown:

The Dark Knight (2008) - The second Movie in the Nolan Trilogy is the Highest Rated Superhero Movie with a 9.0/10.0 rating and $534,858,444 Worldwide Gross at the Box Office.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) - The Third Movie in the Nolan Trilogy comes in Second Place with a 8.6/10.0 Rating and has made $448,139,099 to date at the Box Office.

Batman Begins (2005) - The First Movie in the Nolan Trilogy comes in Third Place on the list with an 8.3/10.0 Rating and $206,852,432 Gross to Date.

The Avengers (2012) - Coming in fourth place with a Rating of 8.2/10.0 is the Highest Grossing Superhero Movie on this list with at total of $623,357,910 Worldwide to date.

Iron man (2008) - Coming in Fifth on the list with a rating of 7.9/10.0 and a Worldwide Gross of $318,412,101 is everyone's favorite Billionaire weapon's Manufacturer.

X-MEN: First Class (2011) - Marvel's Mighty Mutants enter the list at number six with a 7.8/10.0 Rating and $146,408,305 Worldwide Box Office.

Watchmen (2009) - This very under-appreciated Superhero Movie comes in at the lucky number seven spot with a 7.6/10.0 Rating and the lowest overall Worldwide Box Office Gross at $107,509,799.

Thor: The Dark World (2013) - This newly-opened movie comes in at number eight on the list with a 7.6/10.0 Rating and a Worldwide Gross of $204,341,947.

Batman (1989) - Coming in the Number Nine Spot on the list is Michael Keaton's Batman, The one that jump-started it all, with a 7.6/10.0 Rating and $251,188,924 Worldwide Box-Office Gross.

X2 - Xmen United (2003) - Coming in the number ten spot to close out the list is our favorite Mutant team with a 7.5/10.0 Rating and a $214,949,694 Worldwide Gross.

There you have them, folks, my top 10 list of highest rated Superhero Movies up to this point. As always comment below and follow me on [email protected] or on Facebook at the entertainment writer.


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